Left side: claim AEMII is a project aimed at the EU media sector to help media companies and content developers distribute excellent content to their audiences in innovative and engaging ways. To do this, we work with media companies.

The Programme

Harnessing the Power of Structured Collaboration

AEMII aims to foster collaboration in the media sector by uniting media companies, innovators and policy advisors in order to deliver “intelligent media” – media that is more thoughtful through info-driven insight.

Why AEMII’s Necessary

In the Digital World, Data Driven Insight is critical for creating and capturing value

Europe’s media sector is under pressure: the transformation of markets requires high-speed innovation and new, global competition challenges the traditional business models of media companies. European media companies therefore need to break down the barriers that exist between the media sector and the disruptive technological advances that are radically changing the industry.

Here's How It Works

Joining Forces for a Stronger European Media Sector

European media companies are lagging behind in terms of innovation and data-insights compared to their global competitors. AEMII addresses these gaps by offering a solution to accelerate innovation within Europe’s media sector and generate next generation insights for media companies.

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Harnessing the Power of Structured Collaboration

AEMII is a media sector technology acceleration platform, driven by a European media sector coalition of:

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Data Driven Insights is critical for creating and capturing value

At a time when technology is advancing at an ever-quickening pace, closed global digital platforms are increasingly in control of the data media companies need in order to succeed in the digital age. In short, Europe’s media sector is under pressure.

The transformation of markets requires high speed innovation, while new competition challenges business models, technology disruptions capture value outside the traditional media value chain, and changing media consumption patterns require new forms of audience engagement. In the digital sphere, DATA is king and online platforms are in control.

Today, European media companies find themselves in the situation where they need to come up with innovative ways to assess new industry dynamics and adapt to a perpetually shifting landscape. The problem? Due to their smaller size and finite resources, European media companies struggle to collect, analyze, and utilize audience data they have access to, leading to a stunted knowledge of their customers that in turn impacts their ability to create the best content.

Joining Forces for a Stronger European Media Sector

AEMII is a project that is created BY MEDIA, FOR MEDIA. By bringing together a diverse coalition of media companies, innovators, policy makers and investors, AEMII is able to address the challenges Europe’s media sector is facing in an innovative and scalable way.



European media companies have finite resources to address the growing technological/ innovation divide

Reduces the costs and barriers for digital innovation by providing an open platform solution

Closed digital platforms are increasingly in control of the data Europe's media sector needs to gain insights into audiences

Provides scale in the face of global competition

Skill requirements, technology-driven investment and operational costs are prohibitively high

The creation of a standardized infrastructure will optimize day-to-day operations and strategic foresight

Technology driven-barriers stifle collaboration between stakeholders

Marriage of tech and media sectors for efficient cooperation

Compliance with EU privacy regulations

Provides privacy-compliant context for using 1st and 3rd party data, directly vetted and protected by the regulator

In sum, AEMII will reduce costs, provide scale, create standardization, and unite innovators and media companies all while operating completely within compliance with EU data protection and privacy laws. The result? Europe’s media sector will be able to gain deeper insights into their audience, which will mean it will continue to be able to provide free, independent and diverse quality journalism to citizens.

The Project