A: As this digital transformation has changed the dynamics of traditional media businesses, journalism is one of the areas at the forefront of the disruption: everything that journalists produce today can be digitally duplicated and distributed for free across the internet. In addition, new influences, such as social media, change the way that readers engage with journalistic content.

With the digital transformation and user technology adopted outpacing media providers’ understanding of their consumers, there is a great risk for journalists and media content providers of losing the opportunity to engage optimally with their audiences and monetize their content. If media providers cannot keep pace with the digital transformation, it will be difficult to preserve a high standard or investigative journalism.

A: The single biggest problem facing leaders of content and media companies in navigating the digital transformation is insight into audiences, digital business and technology. Without clear visibility into and understand of the real dynamics driving the market, it is nearly impossible to answer: “how can I guide my company to the best possible outcomes in the face of the digital transformation?”

This is exactly the problem AEMII is trying to solve. Our solutions enable journalists, publishers and media content providers to regain control over their data, and give them the tools needed in order to be successful, innovative and more competitive.

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The platform capabilities and functions of AEMII will be provided primarily by individual companies who are currently delivering their products and services to publishers, broadcasters, and other media sector companies today. Our approach is to work with the best of the technologies that we encounter.

AEMII’s “Platform” is an integration architecture and associated tools (standards, connectors, APIs, etc.) that allows diverse technology providers to work together. The goal is to work on behalf of media companies as well as others in the media sector (news, broadcasters, on demand video, etc.) to minimize integration costs and risks, while enabling efficient interoperability for high value technical innovations through open source foundational technologies. AEMII encourages every technology provider who targets media sector partners to take advantage of these standard capabilities.

For more information about the concrete benefits of joining AEMII, please contact us.

A: In addition to the sector challenges Europe’s media sector is facing, there are also a number of legislative challenges. For instance, anticompetitive behaviour is able to develop in Europe, as DG Competition (European Commission) is not able to collect evidence to develop robust quantitative analysis showing that this behaviour harms online competition. Because of this, legislative decisions will favour those in command of the most information, since otherwise the courts depend solely on circumstantial evidence.

AEMII will operate completely within compliance with EU data protection and privacy laws.

Additionally, the AEMII platform will deploy instrumentation into as much of the European media sector as possible in order to capture the right kinds of information that enables analysis of market and behaviour trends, AEMII can help build evidence against such anticompetitive behaviour. If successful, AEMII insights also have the potential of redefining standards for competition evidence.