The Project

The Accelerating European Media Innovation and Insight programme is owned by Europe’s media sector and exists in order to mitigate the technology-driven disruption to pave the way for success in the digital age. It is a coalition of media companies, innovators, policy advisors and investors who all feed into the two core foundations of AEMII: its standards-driven Innovation Acceleration Platform (IAP) and its Next Generation Insights (NGI) programme.

Innovation Acceleration Platform

Next Generation Insights programme

Together, these two programmes enable journalists and media representatives to create, distribute and innovate world-class journalism and create compelling audience engagement throughout Europe.

Innovation Acceleration Platform

AEMII’s Innovation Acceleration Platform (IAP) consists of technology models that create a foundation of technical standards and capabilities that will provide the media sector with an easy, secure and rapid way to deploy technologies that will help drive superior relationship with their audiences.

The IAP will be an open platform solution, which unites technology innovators across Europe with media professionals in order to reduce technology-driven barriers. This solution will leverage resources across the entire media value chain, enabling media companies to obtain the best technology capabilities to reach out to and engage with their audiences. It will also reduce technology-driven investments, skill requirements and operational costs involved with developing the platform technology necessary to obtain the consumer engagement necessary for success in the digital age.

Concretely, AEMII’s Innovation Acceleration Platform will provide media companies with capabilities that help provide seamless integration across the complex tangle of technologies required to deliver Digital Media in a world class way.

Examples of these functional capabilities include:

Content Management / Targeting / Distribution

Secure Sign-In / Authentication

Payment Processing

Advertising Systems

Compliance Management

Next Generation Insights programme

Traditional business intelligence and analyst firms continue to operate using 20th century approaches. AEMII has the unique assets and capabilities necessary to represent an unparalleled opportunity to drive superior insights into the future role of content and media.

The Next Generation Insights programme will engage Europe’s top media minds in order to provide analysis, thought leadership and education that will help lift the capabilities of the media sector. Therefore, AEMII won’t only be collecting data; it will analyze it and present it in a way that is valuable for media companies. By providing media sector participants with data-driven insights into the mechanisms of the Digital Economy, the NGI programme will enable superior audience engagement and monetization.

The Next Generation Insights programme offers the scale and depth of knowledge needed to unlock data-driven audience and market insights required to compete within today’s rapidly changing digital sector.

Specifically, the programme will aid in:

Analysis and development of thought leadership

Curation and dissemination of trends and insights

Knowledge management, skill development, education

Collaboration within and across industry, policy and academia

Utilization of information provided by technology operations

Regaining control over the monetization of content

Ad spend flow in new digital ad ecosystem*

*Illustrative only. Variances depending on deal negotiation, technology ownership. Refers to banner display, assumes linear flow across all types of market participants listed. Data based on the interviews with 43 ad tech companies, advertisers and publishers in Europe and the US (2014), and reviews of SEC filings by ad tech companies (e.g. Rubicon, Tremore, Yukhel).

Did you know that nearly 70% of digital advertiser spend does not get passed on to digital publishers? Various technology intermediaries capture the majority of value within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Insights such as these into the mechanisms of the digital economy will help Europe’s media leaders to regain control over the monetization of their content and propel the future of content driven business models and operations well into the 21st century.